About Lupita's Bakery

We'd like to thank you for allowing us to continue serving you for the past decade and are excited to announce the next chapter to our legacy!

This summer 2018, we introduce "Lupita’s Bakery", named after Claudia Guadalupe Morales who recently passed away but still has a great influence in the flourishing of our family-owned business. Claudia was a loving wife, a wonderful mother of two, a happy grandmother, but most of all, the hardest working person throughout our growing process. Since day one, she has always been the backbone to the family household and the business, and therefore, we proudly name our bakery after her love.

Many of you were left unnotified about our relocation and we apologize for the confusion. To clear things up, we did not move because of any city compliances or food regulations, but because of our unprecedented circumstances with our property lease. The property landlord wanted to buy us out, kick us out, and maintain our name with substitute products, but we will always be the original family-owned business from Oaxaca that has been serving you for over 10 years!

Come visit our new location at 1048 Broadway Ave., just two blocks down from our old location! We still have our fresh Mexican bread, savory food selections, and our fresh pressed juices made to order!

As a matter of fact, our new location, formerly known as San Pablo Bakery, is where we originally started back in 1990 before we expanded onto opening up Cypress Bakery. So yes, all of our breads and pastries are the original!

We are currently working on reconstructing our new website and email address, and we'll update you on our progress.

Call us at 831.394.0188 for any questions or concerns or simply visit us and we can talk over some hot coffee and a fresh concha!

Thank you,

Lupita's bakery (formerly Cypress Baking Co.)